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Don’t make a $20,000 to $35,000 mistake at Bonterra! Before you sign anything at Bonterra! Before you even give your name! Let me share some information worth $20,000.00 or more!

  • Do you know how to negotiate down $20,000… $25,000… or more? I have done it at Bonterra!
  • What about even more off the price? Even the lowest priced properties, I do! I have done it for others! And its FREE to you!
  • Florida law allows you, the BUYER, to have professional representation to purchase these properties, and it doesn’t cost you a nickel!

Contact me right now to discuss the discounts and Buyer’s Rights you may enjoy at Bonterra…

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In 27 years of practicing real estate right here in South Florida, I have learned more than a thing or  two. Did you know the Bonterra contracts can be 100 pages long??!!? The official Florida REALTOR® contract is just 12 pages long. That’s nuts!…..and real.

We have in-house attorneys that can read your Bonterra contract for you. Every community is different and so are the contracts, builders, homes, and even results. How do you protect your interests? HIRE US! It’s FREE.

  • Do you know what the Bonterra CDD is? Want to pay for one for the next 30 years? [NOT ME!]
  • What is a Bonterra environmental disclosure and what does it mean for you or your family? [Yikes!]
  • How does one know that the community’s association fees won’t change or go way up after you own the home? [Great Question!]

Remember! Once you give your name and contact information, the BUILDER won’t want to let you have anyone represent you! Don’t give up your LEGAL and FREE right to have a professional REALTOR® ON YOUR SIDE! It could save you $20,000, $25,000 or more!

Our company combines a full-service real estate brokerage AND a law office.

Best Regards,

REALTOR JOHN B. ANDERSON, licensed to practice since 1990
Lifestyle Realty, Inc.
9370 Sunset Drive 130
Miami, FL 33173
305-279-6000 office 305-279-0062 fax

Local, Family-owned and operated since 1986.

This communication is not intended to bind our clients or to modify the terms of a contract. Any e-mail communication from Lifestyle Realty, Inc. is not to be construed as an offer or counter-offer for any Buyer or Seller represented by Lifestyle Realty, Inc.

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