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For Buyers

As a buyer, you have completely different needs than the property seller. The seller has a RE pro working for them, you should too…Did you know that Florida has Buyer’s Broker agency where the licensee works for the buyer and the seller pays them?  That’s right.  You have your own agent/broker and the other side pays the commission. With Lifestyle Realty, Inc. we automatically get the contracts reviewed by our in-house attorney, at no additional cost to you!

• The seller’s agent has one job: to sell the house, fast, for as much as possible. They do not work for you.

• Historical price data. We can show you the data for comparables, the neighborhood and even the house you are considering.

• Neighborhood knowledge. We’ve been living in South Florida more than 50 years. We know the ins and outs of every neighborhood, school district and municipality.

• Inspections. We can point you to inspectors that are trustworthy and competent.

• Financing. At Lifestyle, we’ve worked with tons of mortgage companies. We’ll let you know the good and bad about each, and which may be best, based on your specific needs.


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