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For Sellers

Once the decision is made to sell your home, you are well-advised to get professional marketing and sales guidance. Here’s what to look for:

• The best possible information on comparable sales and active listings… what have other homes like yours sold for and what is the competition?

• Are other brokers showing your property? The majority of sales occur as transactions between two different RE offices. Your professional must be willing and eager to work with other agents to get your property sold.

• Is the information brochure for the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) prepared with accurate, complete information and a well-written description of the property? Missing or faulty information can leave your property out of sight…

• The sales contract is binding and will define your rights and obligations. Is your agent able to pinpoint the provisions especially relevant to your situation and your property? Are the terms in the contract high risk? What repairs are you responsible for?

• Code violations, open permits, illegal additions, and municipal restrictions all impact value and will determine if and when a transaction will close. These are vital issues which can be determined in advance and planned for.

• Florida statutory law does not require a written disclosure for the condition of the property. However, material defects that cannot be readily uncovered by the usual inspections, that the homeowner knows about, must be disclosed to a Buyer.

• Sadly, many real estate offices have jumped on the bandwagon to add on junk fees in addition to the commission. In some cases, rather than put these extra fees in the contract, they are in the fine print of the listing agreement. We don’t do it. Ever.

For most of us, our principal residence is our biggest and best investment. There is no substitute for having a trusted professional advisor. At Lifestyle Realty, Inc. we have a simple operating premise: We will handle the sale of your home as well as we would our own.

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