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What does it mean?
Real Estate Owned.
That’s it.  Simple right?
  No way! There is no more complicated and DANGEROUS acquisition out there!      Please heed this warning!
One must use great care and extensive resources to assure that any REO purchase may yield desirable results.  Why?  This issue is so complicated that I invite to a complimentary advisement session with our team to educate you as to the many problems lurking behind those doors.
We have all of the resources to ensure a high-quality outcome.
Real Estate Brokerage + Real Estate Attorney. 
Why not have both for the same price?
It Doesn’t have to be a million dollar home property to get million dollar service!
No other office offers the added value of such a team working together towards your goals.  Lifestyle Realty promotes the best interest of the client, not the office!

We combine for you here the authoritative and comprehensive resources of a full-service real estate brokerage, a Fund Member Attorney that specializes in Real Estate Law, Mortgage Law, Probate Law, Title Policies, and Closings.

www.BrokerAttorney.com is your source for comprehensive real estate representation in all real estate matters.  This is our web-based resource to link the client to the brokerage, Lifestyle Realty, Inc. and the Law Office.

Our database includes the Southeast Florida MLS covering Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties, The Florida Bar, The Fund- Florida’s Leading Title Insurer, LoopNet – Commercial Real Estate, Miami Association of REALTORS, Florida Association of REALTORS, National Association of REALTORS

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