11125 S.W. 113th Place Miami, Fl. 33176. A Sabal Chase townhome with garage has been sold for a cash deal just this last week. REALTOR John B. Anderson has once again raised the bar for sales success generating a high “Dollar per Square foot” for his Seller. This home was in almost totally original condition from it’s original construction in 1978! Wall paper, trash compactor, wall oven, all those dated elements were still in this home and most didn’t work but through persistent effort and vigorous marketing this home found a new owner and for top-dollar. One key element that serves Lifestyle Realty, Inc. customers, via their agent, is the tried and true technique of Direct Mail to the surrounding homes. These are not self-promoting efforts with obnoxious pictures of an agent, but property-specific informational mailers that are sent FIRST CLASS to ALL of the homes in the subdivision. Expensive? Time-consuming? You bet. But this is how it gets done right.

At Lifestyle Realty, Inc. and BrokerAttorney.com the money gets spent promoting the interests of our customers and clients, not shameless = self-promotion at the expense of a homeowner’s years of hard work. Next time you see an ad from one the corporate franchisees compare the size of the picture of the agent to the size of the picture of the home[s]. Shameful if you think about it. Next time you need consider who you want working with you for your top dollar net results, remember to think of how YOUR money gets spent.

Because you will pay for good help, because you will realize more money with proper services performed as they should be, and because your years of hard-work in homeownership should reward you! Call us for a no-obligation, free consultation in the comfort of your home, at your convenience, with the guarantee of a representative with over 20 years experience. We serve your best interests in real estate matters.

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