Buy!  Quick!  Everybody knows rates are rising.  What matters to you is, are your needs being satisfied.  How can a buyer make it to the closing table without getting hammered?  So where do you turn in this scenario?  Prices are high.  Demand is high.  Inventory is low.  How does one get through the process without getting hurt?

Use professional help, that simple.  And when I say professional, this doesn’t mean your cousin or some ding-a-ling found in the sidebar of Trulia/Zillow [same advertising sales hack companies now].  Get with a great REALTOR and attorney team.  You need a good lender too!  Do you know how many good deals are being ruined by poor lenders right now?  The big box banks are manipulating things; surprise!

We have a team combined experience in excess of 60 years!  You should have top professional resources helping you and we do it for less cost.  100% honest resource, Zero B.S., We are more than competitive, we are the best.  The best for real estate!

Market Forces  –  2006-7 repeat

Affordability is a real issue.  It is not just an issue for the buyers.  It is an issue for the sellers also.  Sellers are losing ground to rising taxes, exorbitant insurance costs, and rising interest rates!  Your market value may be going down soon.  Why?  Negative market conditions are lurking and also starting show.

If you ever wondered about selling high in the last “Boom”, revisit that thought now.  Sales prices are super high, but hard to get.  We know how.

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